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I'm SO aggravated right now!

It's a long stupid story but someone left 2 of our 4 cats outside and seeing as to how we didn't want them hungry or being eaten by coyotes we checked out of the motel and came back home.

I shall miss the lovely king size bed and being right in the middle of town.

Oh well... there are worse things than being back in the silence and cool of the countryside. Plus... the kitties were excited to see us and are giving up much love and making us laugh. :)
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13 September 2009 @ 01:27 pm
The man and I are gadding about this weekend, staying at a motel and just doing what we want (which at the moment for him is sleeping verrrrry late!).

I'm not sure when he got to bed but I know he woke me at 6:30am to tell me there was breakfast for me in the tiny fridge. So sweet of him!

I just checked and it was some Special K, a plate of waffles and several lidded cups, I shook them until I found the milk.... cold cereal rocks my world and it my ideal breakfast food. 

We volunteered for The Alzheimer's Association yesterday morning and really worked our tails off. He strained his back by hauling big folding tables around so I'm gonna go easy on him today.

I just took a shower and it felt like such a luxury! At our current home the hot water runs out really fast and I'm lucky to get my body and hair washed and usually end up shaving legs in tepid water. Bleh! But here it's endless hot water and I was excited to see that the shower curtain rail was curved so the curtain and I didn't have to battle for supremacy. Most motel/hotel tubs are narrow and the curtain is always stuck to which ever of my sides happens to be facing it.

I'm so glad I made tea in the tiny motel coffee pot last night! this morning we  still had a bit of ice left in the bucket and I made a most welcomed cup of iced tea to help me wake up!

Now I have to decide what I want to do.... could take the car and go shopping I suppose
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30 August 2009 @ 07:38 pm
I'm not at all sure why I'm choosing today of all days to start this blog but here I am, feeling like crying some more but instead I'm checking my email, getting orders ready to ship and wishing I could of just slept through today completely.

I'm having some problems with a family member, it's a long story but lets just condense it by saying that I'm feeling offended and under-estimated today.

I'm also having trouble with a customer but it seems to be a rule that the nuts rise to the top once in awhile. Thankfully the grand majority of my customers are lovely people.

I must say though, the weather couldn't be any more beautiful, it seems that we're having an early Autumn and I'm all for it!

I went to the store and got some foam board which I'll tape together and use as a background for future clothing photos. I think we've found a way to hang Mildred from a ceiling fan, put the foam core in front of her and get the photos that way.

I'm so excited about the new stuff I have to post on Mama Loves Mambo Plus Size!

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25 August 2009 @ 08:29 pm
We're all about to tear our hair out here!

Three times now our mechanic has sent us home with a car that barely runs! We paid him a huge amount of money to put a salvaged engine in it and he messed that all up and never has gotten it fixed.

He acts wild and looks pretty rough, I'm almost certain that he's a meth-head. Not to mention his behavior, he makes an appointment for us then isn't there when we arrive... he does the same to other people it seems.

Poor Justin was stuck at an ATM with several cars waiting behind him. Finally someone pushed him out of the way but still he was stuck there until he finally got the car running.

He called the mechanic, absolutely frustrated and sick of the situation and the guy got abusive with him over it. Finally he was passed off to the guys supervisor who was little help, saying that even if we brought it back in tomorrow only this guy could work on it since he was the one who replaced the engine to begin with.

I'm sorry but telling us $2000.00 after a repair , "well it ain't a new engine, it's a salvaged one so you can't expect it to run like new!" is just absurd and unforgivable.
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24 August 2009 @ 11:34 pm
My guy (aka Justin aka Falcon aka Geek Boy Supreme) had to conduct a little business today and I had nothing much to do so I ran into Catherine's for a look-see.

Catherine's used to make me weep in the past, everything they had was so freakin' ugly and matronly that there was nothing I would of worn even if they'd given it to me, yanno?

Well... I was quite surprised today to find lots of fairly modern, really nice pieces on the racks!

My initial intention was to amuse myself by taking an armload of hideous monstrosities into the dressing room then take pics on my cell of myself modeling them. My plans were foiled as I ended up liking many of the things I posed in. Sadly even the clearance items were rediculously over-priced and I had to leave it all behind.

I would think there would be a vast difference in quality (I mean between Catherine's stuff and mine or even Wal-Mart's) but I found most of the fabric to be kinda scratchy and course. Personally I only want soft/slinky/silky/cottony type fabrics next to my skin.

I suppose that's all I have to say on that topic and maybe someday when I have $50 just lying around I'll go buy some from them. Sheesh!
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22 August 2009 @ 09:33 pm
I'm so excited, I finally ordered my blow-up mannequin and she's on her way!

I was needed something to model some of my clothing and we have like NO SPACE here for anything permanent. I mentioned to my sister that I wish someone made inflatable mannequins so they could be used then folded up and stuck in the closet. I thought I saw my fortune right in front of me and was ready to start figuring out how to construct one then I Googled it and low and behold some brilliant Chinese man beat me to it!

Most places either had black ones or white ones, I feel like the white is too stark and the black would muddy the look of my darker clothing so I was thrilled to find this one in silver. So it's right between the two extremes and I think everything will look good one her.

I have named her Mildred aka Milly.
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21 August 2009 @ 02:15 pm
A great big "HELLO" to both old friends and new!!!

My name is Elissa and I've been on LJ for about 7 years now (as LJ-user=lusciousdame).

I've been plus sized all my life and one of my biggest hurdles has always been finding decent clothing.
When I was a teenager and wearing a size 16 my clothing options were limited to maternity clothing and very matronly double-knit polyester in horrible colors, patterns and styles. The options were so limited that my mother often had to make clothing for me.

Things have improved a lot in the last 20 years and while most department stores stock a tiny department just for us, the selection still seems to be pitiful and more like an after thought, while even the children's departments are filled with trendy, sexy clothing while we get offered boxy pastel colored t-shirts with cartoon characters on them.
Needless to say something's not right with this!

Although I can't change the world for us, I decided that what I could do is to search high and low to find the least expensive and most fabulous, hip, trendy stuff in the most bountiful sizes and offer them for sale!

"Mama Loves Mambo Plus Size" is partly a labor of love and partly my attempt to supplement my income. My profit on each item is small but I'm counting on my buying public to make it worth my time.

I never stock anything that I wouldn't wear myself and everything has a retro/glam/funky/punk/rockabilly/pinup feel to it.

So I invite you all to come check me out at  www.mamalovesmamboplussize.com

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